• Mike Diercks

2019 Truth At Work Conference Recap

Allow me to share some nuggets of wisdom from the speakers. Please add to this as each of you were impacted by the conference.

  • Pastor Steve Poe spoke of courage in the marketplace, sharing the story of Benaiah who killed a lion in a pit on a snowy day. "Never insult God with safe living & small thinking."

  • TV Anchor Fancon Stinger shared the power of your ‘it’ factor!

  • Michael Scott, CEO of Pureflix, challenged us to know God’s assignment for your life. "Our assignments (from God) flow out of the outflow of our walk with God."

  • Russ Crosson, Executive Vice President and Chief Mission Officer of Ronald Blue Trust, outlined the power of financial freedom and serving God!

  • Jeremiah Castille, former NFL cornerback and chaplain for the University of Alabama, pushed us in the pursuit of excellence! "Excellence creates influence. Influence helps create culture."

  • Frank Harrison, CEO of Coca-Cola Consolidated, inspired us about the power of a transformed culture! "Move now! - for Good, for God, for Growth!."

  • Megan Alexander, an Emmy nominated national news reporter for Inside Edition, challenged us to learn to “have a seat at the table” for God. "Every person is a minister & every industry is a ministry."

  • Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author of six books, urged us, through humor and stories, to finish well.

Hope to have you add to the iist.

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