• Mike Diercks

BHAGS and God

You are familiar with the importance of setting goals. A goal is typically something you can set, put a plan in place, and, with some hard work and focused effort, achieve. But at Truth At Work, during December, throughout the country, our members are setting goals a little different. Yes, each member is challenged to set goals that can be reached with hard work, but we also challenge them to set a different kind of goal – A BHAG.

What is a 'BHAG'? What does that have to do with Truth At Work? And why should you care?

Jim Collins, in his epic book on business success "Built to Last", brought the concept of setting a BHAG to the business community. Typically, BHAG stands for a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”. The goal is to be “BIG” (A game changer) “HAIRY” (makes you feel uncomfortable thinking about it) and “Audacious” (some might think it is almost boastful).

Here is where Truth At Work's definition of BHAG makes a HUGE shift. Instead of being a “GOAL” as something that, if you develop the plan, execute the steps, measure the progress, and, ‘shazam’, you accomplished the goal; you are challenged to develop a Big Hairy Audacious God-sized Goal that requires a supernatural act of God to reach. A Goal so big that you can't depend upon your work ethic, your intelligence, or your planning; however, it uses these to bring about its end. When a BHAG is fulfilled, God is the only one getting the credit and glory. It truly shows “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” Prov. 16:9

Whether the BHAG is the transformation of your business, the conversion of a friend or family member, or the restoration of a lost relative who has been estranged, these BHAGs are dependent upon God producing the results. If the goal is met, you thank God. If the goal isn’t, you still thank God.

If this is the type of goal setting you want to be a part of for 2020, to make your business a true instrument of God in serving His purposes, come and DISCOVER Truth At Work!

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