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Love Your Competitor

Love my competitor - What???

Our pastor has been preaching through the book of Matthew. This past Sunday we were digging into this idea of “love your enemies”. As I listened, the question kept coming up in my head – how does a business “love their enemies”?

We all would agree that “love is an action”. We see this in Christ –He loved His people so much that he came and dwelt among us and died for us. He didn’t sit in heaven and strum a harp, singing heartwarming songs with deep sentimental statements. He came, he lived, he died, he rose again, he ascended, and he continues to make intersession. His love is active!

So…how do we love our competitors? It goes beyond being “neutral” toward them. But how far?

As you think about this, consider some of these questions:

When you speak of your competitors, do you honor them? Do you acknowledge what they do well? Do you speak of them as competent and capable?

What about when they speak ill of you? When they discredit your product or service? Maybe they highlight a perceived weakness you have to give the false impression of your capabilities?

How about when they have a poor product or service? Maybe their workmanship, service, or product is actually, truly substandard?

Or worse, they are doing things that might be unethical, maybe borderline illegal or something that is contrary to God’s word or even evil?

Behind all these questions is the one that Jesus asks at the end of this passage – Are you being perfect just as your Father in heaven is perfect?

Something to think about.

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