• Mike Diercks

Saying "No" is honorable!

Have you ever made these kind of statements?

- "That's interesting, let me think about it." - "I might be open to something like that, let me get back with you." - "I would love to, let me just check with _______." - "Sounds great, call me back in a few days." - "I will be there."

Then, after we say these things, our behavior is one of avoidance. Maybe we send their calls to voicemail, not responding to their emails, skipping the meeting, or simply find ways to "hide" from them.

You knew you weren't interested, you weren't open, you had no desire to check with _________, and you wouldn't be going.

Why can't we just say "I'm not interested", "this isn't for me", "I just can't do it", or "I am not coming"? Are we really showing compassion and care for the other person by saying one thing and then acting another? Are we really not offending them when we give them "hope" and then "dash it"? What if your employees, vendors, or customers acted this way? Saying they will be there and not showing up? Promising you something and then not delivering? Agreeing to do business with you then skipping town?

How about your family? Or God?

Why is the Bible concerned that our "yes" be yes and our "no" be no?

I have served in the marketplace for over 17 years and have experienced this regularly (almost every time I do a "free" workshop, seminar, or conference). It makes me wonder what people mean when they say "yes". Does it really mean "if I don't get a better offer" or "If I am in the mood in the morning"? There are circumstances which prevents attendance. Those tend to be few and far between.

Could it be that we have just grown to accept, or worse yet, expect this type of behavior? And why is there no difference between people who claim to follow the teachings of Scripture and those who don't?

Are we really seeking to be people of the Word?

And what does it mean when James says you will fall under judgment? I think God sees “yes” and “no” differently.

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