• Mike Diercks

Servanthood vs Stewardship

The business owners and executives who attended February's Truth At Work Discovery Session engaged in a great discussion around the tenuous balance between Servanthood and Stewardship.

How do you balance this tension? You have an employee who is not performing to the requirements of their job. You spend time coaching, encouraging, training, equipping and correcting. He just aren't performing. Everyone in your organization knows it, some are even "picking up the slack". He has become a real drain on your finances and performance of the organization. He is impacting morale. The customers are starting to notice. he just isn't "cutting it". Finally, you are ready to make the decision to terminate his employment and...he inform you of a serious health issue that requires extensive medical care. Maybe it is cancer, or a family member has fallen ill or there was an injury outside of the office. So...what do you do? How do you serve the employee while stewarding the business God has entrusted to your care? What are your options? How would you navigate this challenge? And most importantly, does God have anything to say about this? These are the types of discussions that take place at every month at a Truth At Work chapter meeting. Real business issues. Real life challenges. Real eternal focus!

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